Planning the Event

For those members wanting to host an upcoming event, you can always contact the Events Chairperson to discuss venues, formats, menus, dates, etc.  However it is best to attend our annual events planning meeting following our third quarter Board of Directors meetings in September.  These are announced in WFSO newsletters.

Helpful Tips for Planning Events
Decide where you would like to hold the event.  Make contact with the owner, manager, or banquet manager as early as possible to ensure availability and have time to plan the menu.  Tell him or her what you have in mind.  They will always ask what is the budget.  Give them a “range” and make sure to add this includes gratuity and that venues always waive corkage for the Society.  If corkage waiver is a problem, thank him or her for their time and call another venue.  The “range” should be a little less than you really want to pay.  Then you have a little room for adjustment, if needed.  Also, they will always present a proposal at the top end of the range you give them.

Get everything in writing.  Email is okay.  The person you speak with during the daytime is almost always not present by the conclusion of your event.  So having the written confirmation prevents potential conflict.  For example, even though we always get a quote which includes gratuity, the bill is usually for the agreed upon amount (including gratuity) per person and then another tip is added.  It may be an honest mistake, but this happens often.  You may also get a bill with corkage added.  So it’s important to make sure you have “corkage waived” and “including gratuity” in writing to save conflict at the end of the event.

When you publish a cost for the event, make sure to include 5% – 10% “profit” for WFSO overhead and/or unexpected costs.

If your event is at a venue that requires a final attendee count within a stated number of days prior to the event date, obtain the latest guest count from the Events Chairperson.

Please submit your event write-up, menu, time and cost by the 25th of the third month preceding your event in order for the event to be listed and advertised on the website for at least two months prior to the event.  For ecample, if you are hosting a February event, information should be submitted by November 25th.  This will help generate interest and member registration in plenty of time to ensure the success of the event.  Submit information to Diana at Professional Association Management See website for examples of information needed.

At the Event
It is recommended you arrive at least 30 minutes early than the stated start time as guests often arrive earlier than the stated time and to introduce yourself to the venue manager wait staff attending to your event.

As the event host(s), introduce yourself to members’ guests and welcome everyone for attending.  Ask members to introduce their guests.  Introduce the wait staff, chef, caterer, etc. if applicable to the event attendees.  You are responsible for paying all event costs and ensuring you obtain and retain all receipts for reimbursement.

Be sure to bring event arrangements with you in writing to show the wait staff, if needed, at the conclusion of the event.

After the Event
Event reimbursement forms are available in either a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or PDF format.  The Excel version allows the user to enter costs into a form that will automatically calculate all totals for you.  For those without access to Excel, the PDF version can be printed and then filled in manually.  Email for an excel version or click here for the .pdf version.

The forms include a section for revenue collected (the Events Chairperson can assist you with this if necessary) and itemized expenses for food and venue, and wine.  All receipts must be accompanied with the reimbursement form.

All reimbursement forms and accompanying receipts are to be provided to the attention of the WFSO Events Chairperson for processing:

  • By Mail:  Jim Atwood, 33 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204
  • By Email:  If you have the ability to scan your receipts into PDFs, you can email them and the reimbursement form electronically to

For any questions about the forms or reimbursement procedures, contact Jim at, or call 503-248-0000 .

Upcoming Events