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Air Hollywood Valentines Flight

February 15th 2020
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Burbank, CA

Hosts:        Air Hollywood
Location:  13240 Weidner St., Los Angeles, CA  91331

For WFSO Members wanting something new and different, this definitely fits the bill! Air Hollywood is the world’s largest aviation themed movie studio.  Have your Valentine’s Dinner served aboard a Pan Am 747 fuselage by actors and actresses in PanAm uniforms.  The menu is the same as PanAm menu served in the glory days of international flights.
Book your ticket directly at Please go online now for information and pre-select which cabin you would like to book.  Chairman Jim and Dana Atwood will be booking seats on the Upper Deck.  Not knowing how many of our members might participate or in what category, we could not book a cabin for our exclusive use. You are free to book in whatever cabin you choose. Guests of all cabins are together during the reception.
Tickets are going on sale Monday, December 9th at 5:00 pm Pacific Time.  These Pan Am flights typically sell out shortly after going on sale.
If you want to bring Champagne and/or wine, they will waive corkage for all WFSO Members. There will be a wine upgrade offered to all Upper Deck guests and WFSO members will receive a $100 discount off the optional Upper Deck wine upgrade.

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