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Valentine's Lobster & Champagne Dinner

February 10th 2018
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Tiffany Center

Host: Atwood
Location: Tiffany Center, 3rd Floor Private Dining Room, 1410 SW Morrison, Portland

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$95 members, $115 guests (includes gratuity, corkage is waived)
Limit: 24
Owner Georgia Rafati is creating a menu to match "Campagne Heavy."
Couples: Please bring two bottles to share. At least one must be Champagne (the "good" stuff from France). The other bottle can be Champagne or another favorite still wine to share.
Singles: Bring one bottle Champagne only (since we can never have too much Champagne).
To celebrate our love affair with Champagne, fine wines, and whoever else is appropriate for the occasion...we will be enjoying our meal in optional formal attire. That's right boys, break out your (optional) tuxes!
Parking: On the street for about a buck. The meters are free after 7:00 pm.

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